update 01.08.2001

HamRadioSoftware, and Links to.....

USB to Serial (RS232) for your TNC or Modem

MultiMode SSTV, RTTY, FAX ... works on MAC MiceIN Port
PA2AGA the best PacketRadio TCP/IP Software (J-NOS and W-NOS)
TNT a nice Hostmode Packet Prg also MkLinux
G0OAN Macintosh Amateur Radio Software Archive on HTML
The best HF-FAX SideFAX, SSTV, QRG,s, Technik Info
RDCP-MAC SoftWare for KAM-TNC, Packtor, Packet, and and
RadFax.9.1 !!! WeatherFax = RadFax.9.1 NEW Version
HamRadio on Yahoo SoftWare and News